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Dark Elf Dice Celebrates Twelfth Year In RPG Business

Dark Elf Dice Celebrates Twelfth Year In RPG Business

SUPERIOR, WI – 21 Jul, 2017 – Today, Dark Elf Dice, an online specialty store specializing in role playing dice and miniatures, marked their twelfth year in business. Over time, the company has grown from a small outfit offering its products on eBay to one of the industry’s leading experts on role playing dice and gaming accessories.

Tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder are more popular than ever, and Dark Elf Dice has benefited from both casual and serious gamers looking for unique D&D dice and accessories. Offering over one thousand unique products on its website, Dark Elf Dice has faithfully served its customers’ needs and looks forward to future growth.

Of the company’s twelfth anniversary, Dark Elf Dice founder Shane Scarbrough said, “Reaching twelve years in business is something really special for all of us here, and today has been one of my proudest moments since starting the company. Dark Elf Dice has been a lifelong dream, and we truly owe our success to the thousands of customers and friends we’ve partnered with throughout the years.”

To reach this momentous milestone, Dark Elf Dice not only offered world class D&D dice and accessories to gamers, but:

  • Practiced outstanding customer service in all its business dealings.
  • Created a modern, engaging website to better showcase roleplaying products and make it easier for customers to find what they need.

As Shane Scarbrough said, “We’re very proud of our twelve year anniversary, but are even more excited about the future. We’re working hard to add even more amazing RPG dice and supplies to our website and giving our guests even more selection and choice.”

About Dark Elf Dice:

Dark Elf Dice is an online role playing game store based in Superior, WI. Founded in 2005, Dark Elf Dice maintains a website offering D&D dice, miniatures, and role playing game supplies to customers across the globe, and has become one of the industry’s leading experts in all things dice related.

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